This is pure hypocrisy!

He is not to be trifled with.


Lisa lives on the other side of the valley.

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I think I can arrange that.

It is most important to chew your food, whether vegetable or meat, before you swallow it.

How long have you been waiting to see me?

Molly has left us forever.

She must have told him.

Do you still need me?

He treats his employees well.

You can't deny him anything.

Violent words, no matter what their origin or motivation, can lead only to violent deeds.

She is gracious to everyone.

I really don't want it.

Suddenly the horse began to run about wildly.

I know you're upset.

When the flight crew has their aircraft under control, everything is working normally and yet it still crashes into the ground, that's a "Controlled Flight Into Terrain".

Charlie didn't know what was going on.

He changed trains at Sendai Station.

Stan's speech was good.

Sherman wanted to become a lawyer.

Marcel has never played guitar with Luke.


Don't do anything dumb.

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Department stores sell numerous things.

Sanjib is awfully short.

Barry didn't expect the meeting to last so long.

I thought I saw someone I knew.

Some men are very talented.

We were having problems with Lum.

I'm a little disappointed with my boys.

She wears the trousers in that house.

He is nothing but a liar.

Maybe we can work it out.

His prompt action prevented an epidemic.

I will make it without a car and on time.

Look back!

Celeste is helping his wife.

Vick received a fax from Bill this morning.

A man whose wife is dead is called a widower.

I don't think this is as funny as you think it is.

Pia is a videographer.

Thank you for waiting. One kid's meal and an ice cream soda.

Don't make a scene in such a public place.

It was once very peaceful there, only now you'll sometimes here the sound of passing vehicles.


A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar.


Jane insisted that she was right.

What's your favorite oldies song?

Jess has been arrested for shoplifting.

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I needed a place to sit down and rest.

Sridharan can play the harmonica and the guitar at the same time.

Three boys came in. I spoke to the boy who seemed to be the oldest.


We're graduating tomorrow.

We're still a long way from home.

It was a great performance.

It happened at about half past four.

My grandfather is still sound in mind and body.


There are cases where the rule does not hold good.


Can you tell us what it was?


I'd like to talk about that.

Who turned this upside down?

Let's give Roberta another round of applause.

Hillel has a cordless phone with two handsets.

I am learning a little English.


They were not speaking Spanish.

Last year, the company was sold to private investors.

The moment the teacher left the classroom, it became quite noisy.


She's wearing high heels.

Shall I draw you a picture?

They exchanged ideas before reaching a decision.


Cindie really wants to go home right now.


She wrote a new book.

Rudolph is aiming at a bird.

He was anxious to finish school and make his own way in the world.

The book I bought is on the table.

My sister didn't say "hello" to me.

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In the film, the director makes Hamlet an active person.

This flower has a strong scent, can you smell it?

Gunter arrived at the camp safely.


Are you saying I have no sense of humor?

Jack definitely has the confidence to be our leader.

When I met Kenneth, he was dating a girl named Miki.


Sharon told us he wasn't allowed to help.


That's where I sit.

I'm certain that he has finished.

Ti looks busy, doesn't he?

I'm meeting him next Monday.

You should put safety before everything else.


You don't know how to screw in a lightbulb?

Life is short.

You can't hurt me any more than you already have.

Rajiv has been given only twelve months to live.

If you study hard, you'll pass the exam.

Why don't you go to your room, The?

I'm the last one who talked to Liza.

Don't worry about him, he's all words.

Randell is quite professional.


There's a possibility that I'll be killed.

Please just take it.

She studies in the library after school.


Vaughn agreed to hand over his gun to the police.

We teach you to speak English.

I'm not a good singer.

Kurt took a taxi to the hospital.

People threw eggs at the politician.


Do you have a home in Italy?

That'll never happen.

I can't handle his comments

There are no direct flights to Boston from here.

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.


Why would I do that for you?


I'm not very good at it.

I didn't dream in the night.

These men are used to hard work.

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That is the exactly the same idea as I have.

I don't give a fig about my CV.

This is the man for you to speak to.

The reporter filed his story just before the paper went to press.

I only asked you the question out of curiosity.

Carter is moving on.

It's your fault, not mine.

You're disturbing my reading.

I'll tell them you said that.

It isn't your decision.

Don't let the soup get cold.

She would often come late for school.

Delbert doesn't like Hsuan telling him what to do.

That might help.

A pond is a little lake.


Oskar introduced Tai to his parents.

I'm going to have my eyes examined.

Let's play a new game.

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We'll all be there together.

Sentence Number 888,888 will bring its owner years upon years of luck.

Tal has a piercing voice.

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I'll take you there.

That Prof.'s talk is driving me up the wall.

The plate is made of plastic.

His argument was based on facts.

I will stay at home.

A notice came in the mail.

I can only discuss it with him.

I will notify Joanne.

We shook nuts from the tree.


Could you see that happening?


The man is not concerned in this project.


It is a step in the right direction.

Toby looked at his reflection in the mirror.

I can't remember her address no matter how much I try.

Nathaniel never did that again.

He raised his hat when he saw me.

What's your location?

Jiri hoped Nils could help him.

The astronaut is in orbit around the Earth.

If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph: The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music.

I'm alone now.

Herb is trying too hard.

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It is better not to go out of your field.


The situation appears desperate.

Kayvan was bitten by a venomous snake.

Takao hasn't eaten anything yet.

I'll ask her if you like.

Are you saving this seat for someone?

The service charge is extra.

The perihelion is the point where an object in orbit around the Sun is nearest to the Sun.


Robert asked me why I was crying.